Publishing Policies


Authors should be limited to those who meet all of the following conditions: 1) significant contribution to the conception and design, acquisition and analysis of data, or interpretation of the reported study, 2) drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content, 3) approval of the final version of the manuscript to be published.



Another person’s original work, such as data, figures, text or ideas, should be properly acknowledged in the author’s manuscript and not be presented as if they were the author’s own.


Duplicate Publication

Author should not publish findings that have been published previously. Multiple publications are only possible when it is compatible to the policy of Publication Ethics for publications in the Acoustic Society of Korea.


Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

If there are conflicts of interest related to author’s commitment, financial support, personal relationships, or dispute over this work, then the authors must disclose the nature of the conflict in the manuscript.


Process for Managing Research and Publication Misconduct

When the journal faces suspected cases of research and publication misconduct such as redundant (duplicate) publication, plagiarism, fraudulent or fabricated data, changes in authorship, an undisclosed conflict of interest, ethical problems with a submitted manuscript, a reviewer who has appropriated an author’s idea or data, complaints against editors, and so on, the resolution process will follow the instructions, “Guideline on publication ethics in ASK journals and presentations at ASK sponsored meetings ( on November, 2013” or “International standards for authors (”